Campground Testimonials

  • Ssshhhhhh! It's a Secret!

    "OMG, had a very good time. Hotter than heck but with good friends and two grandkids. Loved it. Very accommodating. Would like to keep the place a SECRET.................."

    —Mary Johnson
    Oconto, NE

  • Great Central Nebraska Outdoor Wedding Location

    Outdoor Wedding in Central Nebraska"I attended a wedding at Hidden Valley Campground last weekend, it was a great place for an outdoor wedding! They also catered the reception was delicious! They really did an awesome job and I would highly recommend a visit or considering them for a catered event...Cheryll, Cory, and Mindy really went the extra mile!"

    —Kristi Dvorak
    Arnold, NE


    Outdoor Wedding Location in Nebraska"We are the ones who had their wedding at the Hidden Valley Campground. Bill and I were impressed by the amount of hospitality that we received on our special day. I highly recommend an outdoor wedding or any other social event that you would like catered. The food was tremendous and Cheryl, Cory and Mindy were wonderful. Thank you again Hidden Valley Campground. You have made my move to Arnold wonderful along with other community members."

    —Liz Wickham Medich
    Arnold, NE

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